Connected or Disconnected

With the switch in the demographics of the new consumer, the only face your new insured may see is the Independent Adjuster. It’s very important to partner with a vendor that understands your customer.

The relationship between the agent and insured in larger markets is dying. The new consumer wants to connect, shop and purchase insurance unencumbered by office hours or appointments. This lack of connectivity causes many undesired and unexpected consequences. The first issue is the lack of education of the consumer. The time spent with an agent with a CIC or CPCU designation is truly invaluable. The next downfall is the claims process. The same consumer that can purchase insurance by spending a few minutes on a website is the same consumer that expects the claims process to be just as seamless. As you know, this is not the case for most claims. And maybe the biggest concern for carriers is that the first and possibly only face the consumer sees is that of an Independent Adjuster.

Primeco Claims Group welcomes this challenge and has a team working daily to stay ahead of the demand. We understand the connectivity issue and work well in this environment. We can communicate at the company level to inform your insured how the claims process works to include text notification of their adjuster if that’s what they prefer. This gives that consumer the data and “control” they desire to stay informed during the claims process.

Insurance Journal Magazine’s article on the new consumer.