Are You Prepared?

With mass retirements and budget cuts for training, there is a tremendous void of talent and resources for today’s carrier. It’s time to look for vendor partners. We all know change is difficult, but it is inevitable. Changing from a current vendor to a new vendor or adding a new vendor is time-consuming and challenging, but the time to start that transition is now. It’s difficult for all parties to flex in the heat of an event and usually, everyone loses including the insured. Think about adding when the volume is down, so the work-flow and final product can be perfected.

Adding a new vendor gives the carrier new talent to draw from to fill many of the voids created by age attrition and the desire to be more part-time. Primeco Claims Group has a large group of trained adjusters and a full-time training company. We recruit, teach and handle a wide variety of insurance losses including property and auto claims.

The Perfect Storm