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Claims handling is a critical process in customer retention. It is very important that the right adjuster be assigned to your claim and not just any adjuster available.



Primeco is the Next-Generation insurance services company. Our full-time recruiting team coupled with a full-time training group allows us the flexibility to meet whatever needs you might have.

Regardless of the peril, we have an adjuster ready to inspect and settle. Call for immediate claim handling.

We provide field inspections, estimates, estimate reviews, salvage negotiation and full investigation for losses involving passenger autos, farm equipment, specialty vehicles and all heavy equipment.

From cows out in the road to vehicles running into a business, Primeco has the adjusters you’re looking for.

We have a full complement of more than 500 desk adjusters from every discipline to fill your short-term or long-term needs.

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Mission Statement

Primeco Claims Group is a company dedicated to providing the right claim product when a carrier representative is not available. At Primeco Claims Group we strive to provide the best and most qualified independent adjusters in the industry.

Vision Statement

Primeco Claims Group: “To set the benchmark in claims handling through a completely managed claims process.” Train – Grow – Produce