Terms and Conditions

Primeco Claims Group SMS Terms & Conditions

We require Express Consent from end users to receive Informational Messages. The 1099 contract has a portion regarding this text message policy and serves as the first step of Express Consent.

These messages may include the claim number, insured’s name, number or email and subsequent and important timeline reminders.

Msg frequency may vary. Std msg & data rates may apply.

Agreement to Receive Text Messages
By providing your mobile number, you agree that Primeco may send you periodic SMS or MMS messages containing but not limited to important information, updates, and status requests.

You will receive a text with any new assignment and whatever is necessary until that claim is returned for closure.

You may unsubscribe (opt out) from text messaging at any time by replying to the designated phone number with STOP.

If the recipient responds with STOP, they will receive one last text message notifying them that they have successfully unsubscribed. The message they would receive would say, ” You have successfully unsubscribed. You will not receive any more messages from this number. Reply START to resubscribe.” To opt back in to receive text messages, please send an email to contact@primecoclaims.com by clicking on the contact tab on the website. Ask state that you would like to resubscribe and list the phone number.