Privacy Policy

Primeco Claims Group Privacy Policy

1) What Information is Collected:
a. We collect data relevant to support insurance carriers with settling a claim.
b.Any personal or business-related data needed to adjust a claim.
c. Information on any third-party to an insurance claim.

2) Where Information is Collected From:
a. From the assigning carrier
b. Public Offices
c. Third-Party vendors hired by an insured or insurance carrier.
d. Interviews, internet searches and local canvassing.

3) Why Information is Collected:
a. All data collected is solely for the purposes of settling an insurance claim.

4) How Information is Collected:
a. We gather information provided by insurance carriers and insureds and claimants.
b. Email, Telephonically, and in person canvassing.

5) Who Information is Shared with or Sold to:
a. We do not share or sell any information to any third-party.
b. We do provide all information gathered with the carrier that the insured has a contractual agreement with.