Erase Stress

Improve Efficiency and Reduce Stress with Primeco Claims Group

When choosing a firm to handle your assignments, why settle for a company that provides inconsistent reports depending on which adjuster receives the assignment? Or a firm that you’re requesting corrections from regularly?

At Primeco Claims Group, we have tailored solutions designed just for you:

Solution 1: A Meticulous QA Team By Your Side: Our QA team carefully reviews and collaborates on every field file, ensuring that it adheres to your company’s guidelines and follows the best-adjusting practices. This guarantees consistent quality in all loss reports, estimates, and photo reports. We pay special attention to the written report to ensure that it includes appropriate recommendations and denial language, as needed. By choosing Primeco, you’ll spend 20% less time on our files compared to our competitors.

Solution 2: Centralized Communications: We provide you with one phone number and one email address for all your questions, changes, or clarifications. Our Tulsa office has a team of General Adjusters who can address concerns from any state. They can quickly revise estimates without involving the Field Adjuster. The best part is that you won’t need to set reminders for the claim or wait long for revisions. You can make payments on the same day the revision request is made.

Solution 3: Supplements and Settlements Expertise: Our dynamic staff in the Tulsa office also handles supplements and settlements. We can negotiate with contractors, agree on repair costs, and provide releases when needed.

Our clients can vouch for the consistency and thoroughness of the files we produce, made possible by our dedicated Primeco QA team. We take pride in our product integrity and excellent customer service, making Primeco Claims Group the preferred choice!